The Prologue(as a junior backend engineer)

I haven’t thought I would be a backend engineer before COVID-19. I was a university student who have been studied English Literature. Though I’d tried to take the Computer Engineer as my second major, I gave up due to GPA.

After graduation, however, there is no company accepting me who hadn’t any expertise or major that relates with technology. With the pandemic issue, the chances got more slimmer and slimmer. So I had to decide: “Should I wait more? or do something else I hadn’t tried?”

Luckily, there was a national project for recruiters by government; teaching some techniques of backend based on Spring/Eclipse. And 7 months, I became a junior programmer though working in a small company. And this, is a diary for writing about something I’d experienced.

For those who read this prologue, I want you to keep these.

  1. This blog is not just for person who wants to study about web programming, but it also for me writing some knowledge I learned by somehow (through mistakes, self studying, web surfing, etc). So Even if you asking some question, the answer might be delayed or just saying nothing.
  2. However, every criticism is welcome here. My knowledge or info can be wrong or old-fashioned; so please, writing some comments if you want to say something to fix (ANYTHING!).
  3. Here is a roadmap I’ll try to follow so make you expect what topic I’m going to write down.

It is my guideline, however, I’m not saying that I will follow these steps 100% for sure. Nevertheless, I want you enjoy this trip for becoming an expert with me!

So take your seat, makes your seat belt, and have a good trip!



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